Our Usability Lab.

Taking user testing and research even further, with our in-house UX lab.

‍Your customers are unique. We study how they behave, think, feel and even what their faces tell us.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, we bring your customers into our state-of-art usability lab and observe how they interact with your product. If you prefer to run your own usability tests, customer interviews or focus groups, you can hire our fully equipped customer room which includes the equipment, software and all of the audio and video recordings.

Have a look inside our lab.

Test devices
Mobile device
Eye Tracking
Digital of Things - in-house lab
  • ceiling microphone array
    ceiling microphone with
    superior audio pick up
  • Blue snowball
    classic studio quality
    usb microphone
  • Mobile
    Testing device to be
    placed here
  • Desktop/Laptop
    Mirroring device to showcase the
    test in progress
  • Cameras
    Ceiling cameras with 360
    degree view
  • Mobile device stand
    Optimized for different devices
    and setups
  • Eye tracker
    Device to create visual
  • Servers
    Voice and image recording
    storage platform

Our user testing lab.

Our purpose-built lab is equipped with the most advanced testing hardware and software, such as eye tracking and emotional tracking. We have viewing and recording facilities with a one way mirror, as well as a comfortable living room environment for our testers. Our lab is equipped to test and research on a variety of stimuli from desktops, tablets, mobile to TVs and even printed material. Click on the pictures below to see more.

Observation room

Digital of things observation room

Mobile device stand

Mobile device stand

Lab room

Lab room


Digital of things lounge

Office entrance

Office entrance of digital of things

Control room

Control room of digital of things

We use world-class technology to help understand
user behaviour like never before.

Digital of Things - eye tracking

Eye tracking.

Lets you visualise key areas of your website or app by analysing heatmaps. We perform eye-tracking using Tobii eye tracking software and eye glasses software

Digital of Things - facial emotions

Facial emotions.

Using emotional analysis, understand when your user is happy, sad, surprised, scared and even disgusted, while engaging with your brand.

User research process.

We are experts in research and take care of everything, from recruiting users, to creating actionable insights.


Project initiation




Session planning


Research sessions


Analysis & reporting

In-house recruitment.

Recruitment of users is one of our strongest points. We have extensive experience in recruiting all types of users that fit your customer criteria. We can take care of everything from screening, scheduling, managing consent forms and NDAs and incentives, so you can focus on the study.