Celebrating diversity, team spirit, and quality

At DOT, we embrace diversity,  teamwork, and commit to delivering top-quality results with a multicultural team.

Life at DOT.

Life at DOT is defined by our strong team spirit, dedication to quality work, and our welcoming culture for people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

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We believe in diversity, we actively hire for cultural growth, welcoming people of all ages, gender and backgrounds. Our team has over 10 nationalities!

Team spirit

We celebrate team success, through making connections, learning from each other, building trust and celebrating milestones together. We’re all in it together.


Our expert team share a passion for their work, to deliver the best quality, while we ensure to support our team with the latest tools and technologies for continuous growth.

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As an award-winning agency, we're always on the look out for talented and passionate UX, UI design and research professionals. Our bar is set high, and we hire for expertise, cultural fit, most importantly, passion for quality.

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Intern with us.

Whether you're a fresh graduate or a career transitioner, we are always looking for passionate individuals to learn from our incredible team of designers.

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What is the duration of the internship?

Our internship program typically lasts between 3 to 6 months. However, we also offer summer internship programs tailored to students that may have varying duration requirements depending on your university, such as six or eight weeks.

What are the requirements for the internship program?

To qualify for our internship program, we ask that you provide a portfolio showcasing your UX expertise, which can include case studies from either real-life or concept projects. It's important that the portfolio highlights your UX or research learning experiences.

What kind of projects will I be working on?

At Digital of Things, we handle a diverse range of projects that include UX research, UX design, and UI design across various industries. Some projects may incorporate all of these elements, while others may focus solely on UX research or UX design. Ultimately, the scope of our work depends on the unique needs and preferences of each client.

Will I receive mentorship and guidance during the program?

Mentorship and guidance are fundamental components of our internship program, without which it wouldn't be a true internship experience. We start by letting you shadow senior members to gain insight into our processes and methodologies, and then gradually give you more autonomy to work on your own projects. As you gain more experience, you’ll receive feedback and support to develop new skills.

What kind of training and development opportunities are available as part of my internship?

While we don't have formal training courses, we do provide in-house training to help you develop skills in areas where you may have knowledge gaps. For instance, we may offer training on creating wireframes, user flows, and using UX tools. It's worth noting that our training does not result in a formal certification, but it does provide valuable learning opportunities to help you become proficient in UX research and design.

What is the company culture like?

Our culture is characterised by positivity, friendliness, and a healthy work environment. Despite our fast-paced nature, we maintain an intimate atmosphere that encourages learning from our diverse team members. Interactions with colleagues are highly valued, and you have the opportunity to build relationships with team members from various nationalities and language backgrounds. As a result, there are abundant learning opportunities on both personal and professional levels.

What career opportunities are available to me after the program?

While we cannot guarantee a full-time role at Digital Things following your internship, we always prioritise hiring interns who have demonstrated exceptional performance and alignment with our company culture. If a job vacancy is available and you have excelled in your role, we would love to bring you on board. However, sometimes there may not be any vacancies or enough projects to warrant hiring you immediately. In these cases, we are happy to provide recommendations and serve as a reference for interns seeking future opportunities with other companies.

How competitive is the selection process for the internship program?

Our internship program is highly competitive due to the large volume of applications we receive. In addition to evaluating you based on the strength of your portfolio, we also place a premium on soft skills such as effective communication and client management. As a result, we seek a diverse mix of talents and capabilities in our candidates. Rest assured, we are committed to a thorough and fair selection process that ensures we choose the best fit for our program.

What is the overall structure and schedule of the internship program?

Our interns are typically full-time with a flexible schedule. Upon completing your onboarding, which consists of the first few days where you get familiar with the environment, projects, and tools, you are assigned to work on different projects with senior team members. As an agency, we don't have a fixed routine as it varies depending on the ongoing projects and clients. Essentially, you would shadow and collaborate with different team members on different projects, experiencing varying day-to-day activities.