Uncover user insights through diverse qualitative research.

User research.

Through qualitative research, we provide insights into user needs, behaviours, and preferences to optimise your products and services and enhance user experience.

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User research

Gain valuable insights into your customers needs and behaviours, through a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods, including interviews, surveys, focus groups, field studies, persona development, and more.

Competitor analysis

Let us analyse your competitors to help you understand their strengths and weaknesses in the industry. This enables you to identify trends, benchmark against industry standards, and discover opportunities for improvement.

Usability testing

Discover exceptional testing in a pro environment. With keen observation, data collection, and analysis, we provide detailed reports and practical suggestions to elevate your product's user experience.
Research operations.

Research operations

We specialise in setting up and managing dedicated research labs, with advanced equipment, software, and facilities for data collection, participant observation, and usability testing, so you can focus on conducting impactful research.

Arabic research

Arabic research

We specialise in Arabic research, conducting interviews, focus groups, user testing, and various research types with our experienced Arabic moderators.

We're adept at exploring digital products such as websites, apps, and digital car screens, delivering culturally relevant insights tailored to your needs.

Meet UserQ.

Experience the power of our in-house remote user research tool. Conduct unmoderated tests in both English and Arabic, with a focus on participants from the MENA region. With a larger user base, gain valuable insights on a wider scale.

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Research operations.

We specialise in setting up and managing advanced research labs with cutting-edge equipment and facilities for data collection, observation, and usability testing.


We’ll handle every aspect of the process, from procuring high-quality equipment, tools, and software to setting up the ideal facilities for your needs.


Our team will develop templates for documenting observations, insights, and recommendations, and consent forms.


Our training will equip you with the knowledge to master the technology and apply tailored processes and templates step-by-step.

Qualitative research

Elevate your user-centered design process through a diverse range of qualitative research methodologies.

User interviews

1:1 interviews offer personalised insights, deep understanding, and valuable data for informed, user-centered decisions.

Focus groups

Small group discussions on a specific topic, product or service allow you to gather a diverse range of user perspectives.

Field research

Field research

By observing and interviewing users in their natural environment, you can understand their interactions with your product.

Diary studies

Participants thoroughly document daily experiences, thoughts, and interactions, providing a detailed perspective that uncovers subtle trends and patterns over time.


With a focus on cultural contexts and real-life settings, ethnography interviews observe participants to understand their lifestyles and product integration in daily life.

Usability testing

Participants perform tasks while their interactions are observed, uncovering usability issues and enhancing the user experience for more effective products.

Usability lab.

From wireframes to live apps, digital kiosks, and vehicles, we provide usability testing at any stage of the design process.

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