Global Village

Revamp website and app design, UX and UI design

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Setting the standards for the world’s leading multicultural festival park through digitally enriching experiences.


Global Village is the region's largest, multicultural theme park and is one of the go-to destinations for families in the region. Created in 1997, and covering 1.6million sqm, Global village welcomes 7 million guests every season and is home to 500+ retail & commercial outlets and 200+ dining areas and a one-stop shop for entertainment and rides, taking customers on a journey across the world, uniting cultures and creating wonder.

Business need

The objective of Global Village was to relaunch an improved digital experience for their guests as well as the business-facing portals before they re-opened for their 25th silver anniversary.


Based on their extensive offerings and activities, we set out to design and build the best possible experience for both B2C and B2B audiences on their website and app.

Our goal was to understand the business requirements, the users (both B2B and B2C) and the technology & limitations, to ensure that we aligned with expectations. Most importantly, we establish success criteria and project goals to measure success

We took a deep dive into the different types of users group for B2C and B2B. This helped us fully understand the different scenarios to design for and ensure that the journeys on all aspects have been considered in context to guide and optimise the best possible experiences.

B2C users were predominantly residents from particular demographics and their behaviour is to go back to GV year-on-year, while before the redesign, B2B users had a very fragmented approach to getting information.

Global Village user groups

We created low fidelity, grey-scale wireframes to depict the content and flow. The wireframes were used to understand and map out the entire user experience and edge cases and the majority of the changes were made in this sub-phase before it went to UI for refinement and the development hand-over.

During the design direction, the UI designers created multiple styles and aesthetics to adapt to the user groups, as well as a customised icon library, UI components for all the platforms and  created Arabic templates for the development team.

The development team created fully responsive websites, login states and profile management and also developed native iOS and Android app. Throughout the development stage, we offered UX and UI support and during this, we evaluated the flows and did some A/B testing.


It took a full-stack team to design and develop an innovative and optimal experience that spanned over 4-months. We worked within a tight time frame to get the fully functional website launched before the 25th Silver celebration open day. From kick-off to launch all the respective websites and apps took us 4 months. 2 months of discovery and definition and design and then around 2 months for development, QA and optimisations.

We all could reap the rewards as the Global Village app has won 3 Jubilee Awards and overall seen a growth of 100% online tickets, over 33 000 new users in the first 3 months of the new launch and a 167% increase in app downloads.


We took the B2C product from functional to engaging and added loads of innovative features.


We fully digitise the application processes and profile management experiences dynamically and contextually based on the scenarios of the B2B users.

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