We craft experiences driven by user behaviour.

Experience design.

We understand your users first. By knowing your users’ needs, along with technical feasibility, and business requirements, we can ensure that our design process remains truly user-centric.

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Information Architecture (IA)

We optimise navigation by defining categories, hierarchies, and relationships among elements such as pages, sections, menus, and labels, reducing cognitive load for your users.

User flows

Using visual mapping, gain valuable insights by understanding how users interact with your product, identify their pain points, and track their interactions. This process allows us to optimise the flow, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Customer journeys

Map the entire customer experience to understand and optimise interactions at each stage. Identify key moments and emotional states to enhance engagement, build loyalty, and ensure a consistent, satisfying journey from awareness to advocacy.


Wireframing allows us to establish the structure and flow of your digital product. By creating simplified visual blueprints, we outline elements and navigation to ensure a seamless user journey.

Visual design

We craft functional, engaging digital products that align with your brand through visual design. Our expertise in color, typography, imagery, and layout ensures an appealing and cohesive design, following or creating style guides.

UX microcopy

From buttons to error messages, we optimise the effectiveness of tooltips, form labels, and interactive elements.

Interactive prototyping

Before full-scale development, visualise the user experience, identify issues, validate decisions, and collect feedback through testing design concepts, functionality, and user interactions.

Design system

We provide reusable components, guidelines, and standards, to create a central resource for your designers and developers, ensuring consistency and scalability across all touchpoints.

Development support

We support the development process with bug fixing, code review, performance optimisation, integration, and deployment to ensure smooth execution and address any post-launch issues.

User research.

Gain valuable insights into your customers needs and behaviours, through a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods.

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One-on-one interviews

including interviews, surveys, focus groups, field studies, persona development, and more.

Competitor analysis

Let us analyse your competitors to help you understand their strengths and weaknesses in the industry. This enables you to identify trends, benchmark against industry standards, and discover opportunities for improvement.

Usability testing

Discover exceptional testing in a pro environment. With keen observation, data collection, and analysis, we provide detailed reports and practical suggestions to elevate your product's user experience.
Research operations.

Research operations

We specialise in setting up and managing dedicated research labs, with advanced equipment, software, and facilities for data collection, participant observation, and usability testing, so you can focus on conducting impactful research.

Strategy & advisory.

We align UX practices with your goals and user needs. From research to personas and journey mapping, we provide actionable recommendations for an optimised user experience.

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Product strategy

Together, we craft a customer-centric product aligned with your business objectives, user needs, and market opportunities.

Expert review

We evaluate usability and UX, analysing design, functionality, and overall experience. Get actionable recommendations to enhance your digital product.

Accessibility audit

We identify accessibility barriers for users with disabilities, aligning with WCAG. We identify areas where your product may lack accessibility and provide you with actionable recommendations.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CR0)

We analyse user behaviour over time to identify conversion barriers, optimise design elements, content, and user flows, and provide actionable recommendations for increased conversions.


Our content is designed to be easily translatable and localised into different languages as required, ensuring that your message resonates with a global audience.

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Content strategy

Create engaging, informative, and persuasive content that will captivate your audience and drive conversions, including top-quality content translations to help you connect with your target audience effectively for local cultural context and language conventions.


Involve creating content that not only informs and educates but also persuades and motivates the audience to take action.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Increase your brand's visibility, online presence and ranking on major search engines with our full suite of keyword research, search-optimised content creation, search strategy and optimisation services to fit your unique needs.


Our specialist training programs provide hands-on experience and expert guidance to help you master the latest UX methodologies & techniques to advance your career.

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The UX-PM Certification is an international training program that empowers professionals to achieve business outcomes by adopting a human-centered design approach in their practice.This training program is sponsored by UXalliance, an international network of 28 world leading UX companies.The UX-PM Certification is offered in 19 countries, and in 12 languages.Learn from UXalliance‘s most experienced UX practitioners who are eager to share their methodologies to help you improve your products and services.

DOT Academy

As experts in UX, we offer a comprehensive training program focused on UX, UI, and research. Our courses are tailored to the region, ensuring relevant and impactful learning experiences.

Our flexible engagement options.

Fixed price

Benefit from a clear project scope, on-time delivery, and reduced administrative hassle by opting for fixed-price projects.

Fractional UX

Manage the exact amount of expertise, time, and assets you need for your projects without the need for overspending or overcommitting.

Staff augmentation

Add research and design resources to your ongoing operations to give you the flexibility to scale up or down based on your project requirements.