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Adopting UX - Level 1


In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of UX, gaining hands-on experience to turn knowledge into actionable insights. You'll develop your skills and learn to incorporate UX tools and methodologies into your projects, enhancing customer experience and organisational efficiency.

On completion, you'll earn a certification, ready to apply your new skills in real-world scenarios.

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Usability Testing

DOT Academy

In this course, you'll learn the essentials of usability testing, from understanding its purpose to executing tests.

You'll gain hands-on experience as a moderator, observer, and participant in a real lab environment. You'll be able to discuss the benefits and key factors of usability testing, recognise what makes a good test, and plan & execute a basic usability test.

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Tamer, Al-Futtaim

“I worked with Digital of Things on a few projects. They always came through and have really excelled at showing their value and experience. I enjoy working with the team. I never felt they were external. I always thought of them as part of the internal team. They excite well and on time."

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Joaquín, Renacen

"We worked with Digital of Things on a rather innovative project where users needed to test 2 different environments on PC and mobile. The study was very well done, from the selection of the candidates to the execution of the tests. The final report was very useful, with clear and insightful information about the test results, and the team at Digital of Things is really awesome to work with. I totally recommend them!"

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Joe, Google

"I recently worked as a Project Manager from Google LCS with Doaa from DoT on a UT/UX Project for a tourism board client and I was mostly impressed by her ability to adjust the scope and adapt to the client's evolving requirements while making sure the project is completed with the primary mandate in mind and within the realistic time frame initially set.DoT's professionalism and collaborative attitude was commendable!"