We help you get to know your users' needs, preferences, and behaviours that lead to better user experience and product development.

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Uncover deep insights with a variety of qualitative research methods.
User interview
1:1 sessions with users moderated by our UX researchers to identify their pain points, motivations and goals.
Field research
We observe and interview users in their natural environment to understand better their interactions with a product or a service.
Focus group
We can gain a diverse range of perspectives in a single session by bringing a small group of people to discuss a specific product or service
Diary study
We ask participants to record their experiences, behaviours and attitudes related to a product or service to understand their e

Usability testing to validate design decisions through user feedback

Testing prototypes or designs allows for early-stage evaluation so that products are able to collect user feedback before full development. For more in-depth analyses, usability tests can also include eye tracking or facial feature recognition technology used right in our usability lab.  Sessions are always recorded for further note-taking and insights.

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Usability lab

Control room of digital of things
Our usability testing lab is equipped with world-class technology and software features, including facial expression analysis and eye tracking, to efficiently capture your users during research and tests.


We are proud to have designed and developed our own remote user research tool where you can conduct unmoderated tests in English and Arabic, with MENA participants, with a larger number of users.
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User Research

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