Guide to running an impactful diary study

Technology has evolved so much over the last few years that the once time-consuming and laborious diary study has evolved into something super streamlined. Gone are the days of quill and ink…now participants just fill out a form and send the link. It’s as simple as that.

Everything-you-need-to-know guide to running an impactful diary study

Running a diary study is one of the best ways to develop your skill as a researcher. A study such as this allows you to get to the heart of a question by probing and prompting participants when necessary. These days it’s easier than ever to do. So long as the participants have an internet connection or a smartphone, it’s possible to get their innermost thoughts without having to leave the office (or sit with them in an interview situation).

The data that gets collected from a diary study can be much richer and more in-depth, but what isa diary study – and what’s the best way to run one?

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