Work we're proud of 

Just a few examples of how we've helped companies improve experiences. 

Great experiences delivered.

We have helped various companies, from corporates to start-ups, local and international, deliver a better user experience. Here is just some of our work that we can share. 

Television and Cabinet

Television app

User testing

Observing usability for navigation on a TV menu.

Online Shopping

E-commerce app

UX UI design

Designs for a new e-commerce app for KSA, creating the most efficient journey possible. 

Image by Clay Banks

Concept testing

User testing

Validating a new idea with real customers before investing further on the project. 

Electronic Circuit

AI based recruitment tool

UX UI design

Design of a new, innovative, AI based recruitment platform. 

Man Trying App

Arabic app validation

User testing

Finding out how useful the Arabic version of an app is.


Tracking behaviour

User research

Observing long term behaviour of customers by tracking their transactions.

Mobile Phone

New fintech service

UX UI design

User flow and designs for new fintech business launching in this region. 

Informative Interview

1:1 customer interviews

User research

Listening to customers first hand on their expectations and thoughts.


Leisure app revamp

UX UI design

Revamped website and app of well known tourist attractions in Dubai. 


Accessibility audit

UX UI design

Conducted thorough audit on accessibility against WCAG guidelines.

Discussing the Numbers

Focus groups

User research

Gathering customer's collective thoughts and opinions in a group setting.

Refrigerated Goods

eCommerce taxonomy

User research

Re-classified all categories for a large store, based on users. 

Image by Austin Distel

Chatbot tone of voice

User testing

Understanding the usefulness of a chatbot and if the tone of voice is pitched right. 

Trading Cards

Category grouping

User research

Understanding how customers group categories of products using card sorting.


Expert review

UX UI design

Reviewing a well known app in the region against usability best practices. 


Wireframes for new app

UX UI design

Development of wireframes for a completely new app in healthcare industry. 

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